Hella Early; #LoadingArtist

Hey, guys! One of my favorite webcomics is Loading Artist, and while all the comics seem to strike a cord with me, I though this one was just #sotrue. Please note that this is NOT my comic, and all rights go to the awesome Gregor of Loading Artist


Are you excited to decorate for Christmas?



My Blog Post Pet Peeves

Hi, guys! Has anyone ever been reading a blog post and thought This post would be fabulous if the person just used proper grammar! or, this blog would be way more successful if the person just had a cleaner design! Well, I have, and today I am going to go out on a whim, and talk about all my blog post pet peeves.

1. Using 5 Million Exclamation Points

And for that matter, question marks, too. You can use caps, bold, and italics to make your point across, but after three points, it just looks silly. I mean, seriously, which one looks more expressive?

He makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He makes me so MAD!!

See what I mean?


2. not capitalizing titles

Guys! This one drives me seriously crazy. YOU CAPITALIZE THE TITLE, ‘KAY? Promise me you guys will remember this, because it looks super amateurish if you don’t.


3. Misspelling Words



4. Crummy Photos

Use a nice camera, and use the focus! Do not use an iPad  or a smartphone. Only a camera will do, and make sure you have good lighting. Also, when posting them, make sure they aren’t too big. The picture should not cover your entire screen!


5. Copy-Cats!

Don’t copy! It makes you look like a cheater, and it’s not fair to the person who’s original idea it was.


Does anyone share these pet peeves?







‘Sup, people?? How was your Halloween? (Not to brag, but I got 15 lbs of candy, NO KIDDING. I weighed it on a bathroom scale. It’s kind of scary) Anyway, enough chitchat, ’cause GUYS. I got a tag!!! THIS IS HUGE.



So, the details!! I was nominated by Natalie, of The American Girl Spot for the new blogger award. Click HERE to check out her uber cool blog! She blogs about dolls, but she’s weird. Like me. And she likes the Flash! She’s got good taste, people. Anyhoo, she nominated me for the new blogger tag. Bask in it’s glory, guys.


So from what I understand, you link back to the person who nominated you, say thank you, answer their questions, and nominate somebody else. So here I go!

How long did it take you to design your blog?

Something like two days. I’m kind of a perfectionist.


Where do you blog?

Umm…I’m not really sure what you mean, but I use wordpress, and I usually am somewhere between sitting and being horizontal on the couch while I type these out.


Strawberries or blueberries?

Strawberries. Yum


Parmesan or Cheddar?

Can I have both? Please, please? No? Ok, fine, parmesan. Has anyone ever had moon cheese? It’s like puffed cheese crisp things, but they’re keto because they are literally only baked cheese, and the parmesan is the best.


What operating system do you use? (Apple, Linux, Windows)

Linux. GO TUX!


Do you like American girl dolls?

Well…..I have a couple, and I sometimes do their hair, or photograph them, but I don’t really play with them much anymore. I still appreciate them, though.


Favorite ice cream flavor?

I don’t eat much conventional ice cream because I’m keto, but there’s this awesome brand of keto ice cream pops called Enlightened, their hot chocolate flavor is to die for.


Yay! That was cool. So I can’t think of anyone to nominate, so first person to comment saying they want to be nominated gets to be nominated! Sorry-not-sorry for my backhanded methods. Bahahaha.





Hey guys! I had planned a post about photography for today, but I never got around to taking the pictures, so….#sorrynotsorry. Anyhow, I had a bunch of things to say and so I’m just going to put them in one, long, discombobulated post. I hope you all won’t mind.

  1. S1 E1 of The Flash aired last week! YAY!! Overall I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not all dark and grim and depressing. I laughed, and was bewildered, and I’m really excited for E2!
  2. I’m thinking about writing a novel for NaNo WriMo! If you are interested, I can do a post on the premise of it!
  3. I got a phone! It’s a Lumia 540, and I’m SO happy to have it!
  4. I’m getting ANOTHER cat! She’s a brown/gray tabby, and I’m going to name her Gorgonzola (please don’t ask)
  5. Halloween is coming up, and my friend and I are going to be an angel/devil duo! She’s going to be the angel, and I’m going to be the devil. Do you think a red fondue fork would be overkill?


In Which I Obsess Over Time….


Hi, you guys! Is anyone else here a Flash Fan?? ‘Cause I am, and I am going nuts because season 4 airs in *checks watch*….9 days!! GAH I AM GOING SO INSANE!!!!

Anyhow, I thought that now would be a good time to pull together all the little bits of info we have and try to make some sense of it all (not likely, but I’ll try!). So, here’s what I know;

  1. Barry and Iris are F-I-N-A-L-L-Y getting married!! I mean, they’ve been on-and-off dating forever, and moved in together, and Barry proposed to Iris TWICE, and they are married on Earth 2, so they definitely had it coming to them, but I don’t think we needed to wait THIS long.
  2. Caitlin is BACK!! YES!! However, Danielle Panabaker said that Killer Frost is coming too….”Fans of Caitlin Snow won’t be disappointed, and neither will Killer Frost fans” So maybe Caitlin goes back and forth? #Idk
  3. Wells is also back…..Yay!! I know some people are upset about this, but Wells is just such an important part of Team Flash that I’m glad he’s back. I am still sad that they killed HR, but oh, well.
  4. Barry and Iris are definitely tying the knot, but ”Can their relationship survive?” says the executive producer. I groaned when I read this. However, after some thought, I think I know what’s happening. Barry and Iris are going to have fight, and everything is going to be up in the air and then it will settle. You know, sit-com style drama. But I KNOW they have to stay together, because remember the futuristic newspaper? Iris is Iris West-Allen in 2024. So HA.
  5. Barry has basically just gone through his own hell for an eternity. Don’t expect anything lighthearted until at least mid season.

So….what do you think is going to happen?? I honestly am baffled….but hey! It’s only nine days, people!


I made a signoff, btw!

Welcome To Glittery Little Nerd!

Hello, world! Welcome to my brand-new blog! I’m Cocoa (a pseudonym, not my real name), and I am so excited to be blogging here. This will be a blog about crafts, geekiness, photography, writing, and anything else I come up with. A few things to know about me;

  • I am a Christian homeschooled girl
  • I love photography, and you will often see me post random pictures of flowers or whatever I ate for lunch.
  • I LOVE DC superheroes, especially the Flash, Supergirl, Batman, and the Arrow. However, my favorite is without a doubt the Vibe. He is the most amazing superhero EVER. Period.
  • I am in love with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
  • Starbucks is the best.
  • I have two cats, Fabian (male) and Echo (female). They are both fuzzy and awesome and generally wonderful.
  • My favorite comic is Get Fuzzy.
  • My favorite webcomic is LoadingArtist https://loadingartist.com/
  • My favorite craft supply is……….glitter! (Hold, on, wait, was that too obvious?)

I can’t wait to make more posts!


Note to self; Make signoff at some point.