I have a confession.

A very, very, awkward confession that’s probably going to take a LOT of explaining.

Glittery Little Nerd is not my first blog.

I have a blogging alter ego.

My other blog is a doll blog, and I wanted to be able to post about things other than dolls, so I created this blog under another name.

After a while here, I realized that this blog wasn’t what I wanted, either. I felt like I was splitting myself into two different people, and the inconvenience of having two different WP accounts was annoying.

On January 6th, I created a third blog that was attached to my doll blog account.

You probably want to know what blog that is, and what my real name is.

My real name is Natalie.

I am the same person as Natalie Therese of The American Girl Spot and Taking the Cake.

I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you before, I should have. Glittery Little Nerd has been a great growing experience, and has taught me a lot. I’ve met some awesome people (Hi, Bayance!) and had some fun.

But I really can’t juggle three blogs at once.

Glittery Little Nerd is being archived. I won’t be deleting it, don’t worry. I will no longer be posting on it, however, Taking the Cake, my new personal blog, is GLN’s replacement. From now on, I’ll be commenting with my real name, Natalie Therese.

I know this sounds far fetched and ridiculous,  but I promise that it isn’t some very early (or late, however you think about it) April Fool’s joke. I’ll be reblogging this on TAGS, JSYK.

Now is the time to say goodbye. But it isn’t really goodbye, because I’m not leaving, just moving.

So instead of ‘goodbye’, let’s say ‘I’ll meet you there’

I’ll see you at Taking the Cake and The American Girl Spot


or, if you prefer,




2 thoughts on “Heya.

  1. Whaaaaat?? This is such a plot twist. You and Natalie are the same person? 😂 Wow. I’m actually shook. You used to comment on some of my blogs with the American Girl account so I didn’t think it was the same person. Well I guess I’ll see you around on the other 2 blogs. So…same person, right? 😂😂 Okay I need to chill. So long Cocoa. See ya in another world (blog in this case). 👋

    Liked by 1 person

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